American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations e-mail 13.1m ICFTU


pres. '04

Action IWA     e-mail anar. ex-AIT   f. 1999 as split from WSA
Anarchist Communitarian Network     e-mail anar.     f. 2001
Anarchist People of Color     e-mail anar.      
Atlantic Anarchist Circle other page              
Bay Area Anarchist Communists     e-mail anar. com.     f. 2003
Bring the Ruckus     e-mail anar. com.     f. 1997
Federation of Northwest Anarchist Communists FNAC   e-mail anar. com.     f. 2002
Federation of Revolutionary Anarchist Collectives FRAC   e-mail anar.     f. 2002
Industrial Workers of the World IWW Industrial Worker e-mail anar. syn. IWW   f. 1905
Northeastern Federation of Anarchist Communists NEFAC   e-mail anar. com.     f. 2000
Revolutionary Anti-Authoritarians of Color RACE   e-mail anar.     f. 2001
South East Anarchist Network     e-mail anar.     f. 2004
Workers Solidarity Alliance WSA Ideas and Action e-mail anar. syn. AIT   f. 1984
Echanges et Mouvement       left. com.      
International Communist Current ICC Internationalism   left. com. ICC    
Internationalist Perspective   Internationalist Perspective   left. com.     f. 1986 as split from ICC
Internationalist Workers' Group other page   Internationalist Notes e-mail left. com. IBRP   f. 2002
Socialist Labor Party SLP The People e-mail DeLeonist     f. 1876
Society for Economic Equality       DeLeonist     f. 1983 as split from SLP
Green Party of the United States other page GP-US Greensweek, Greenpages e-mail green     f. 1996 as split from GPUSA
The Green Alliance     e-mail left. green     f. 2002
Left Green Network     e-mail left. green     f. 1989
The Greens/Green Party USA G/GPUSA Green Politics, Synthesis/Regeneration e-mail green FGPA   f. 1984 as Green Committees of Correspondence
United States Pacifist Party     e-mail pacifist      
Social Democrats USA SDUSA New America e-mail soc. dem. SI   f. 1972 by right wing of SPUSA, active in Democratic Party
Democratic Socialists of America DSA Democratic Left e-mail left. soc. SI   f. 1983, active in Democratic Party
Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism CCDS Corresponder, Dialogue & Initiative e-mail ex-com., left. soc.     f. 1991 mainly as split from CPUSA
Communist Party of the USA CPUSA People's Weekly World, Political Affairs e-mail com. ex-WMR   f. 1919, led by Sam Webb
Independent Progressive Politics Network IPPN Independent Politics News e-mail left. soc.     f. 1995, alliance
Labor Party   Labor Party Press e-mail left. soc.     f. 1996, led by Mark Dudzic
New Democracy   New Democracy Newsletter e-mail        
New Party     e-mail left. soc.     f. 1991
New Union Party   New Unionist e-mail left. soc.     f. 1980 as split from SLP
News & Letters Committees   News & Letters e-mail ex-tro., marx. MH   f. 1955
Party for Socialism and Liberation PSL Socialism and Liberation e-mail rad. left.     f. 2004 as split from WWP
Peace and Freedom Party PFP Partisan e-mail left. soc.     f. 1967, many tendencies
Socialist Party USA SPUSA The Socialist e-mail left. soc.     f. 1901
Debs Tendency     e-mail rad. left.     f. 2003
Vermont Progressive Party   Moose Crossings e-mail left. soc.     f. 1999
Workers World Party WWP Workers World e-mail ex-tro., rad. left. ICS   f. 1959 as split from SWP
Working Families Party WFP   e-mail left. soc.     f. 1999
World Socialist Party of the United States WSPUS World Socialist Review e-mail rad. left. WSM   f. 1916
Freedom Socialist Party FSP The Freedom Socialist e-mail tro. FS   f. 1964 as split from SWP
International Socialist Organization ISO Socialist Worker, International Socialist Review e-mail tro. ex-IS   f. 1977
Internationalist Group   Internationalist e-mail tro. LFI   f. 1996 as split from Spartacist League
Labor Standard   Labor Standard e-mail tro. close to USFI   f. 1998 as split from Solidarity
Labor's Militant Voice LMV Labor's Militant Voice e-mail tro.     f. 1998 as split from Labor Militant
League for the Revolutionary Party LRP Proletarian Revolution e-mail tro. COFI   f. 1976
Left Party   Frontlines e-mail tro.     f. 2002 as split from Socialist Alternative
Left Turn   Left Turn e-mail tro. ex-IS   f. 2001 as split from ISO
Socialist Action   Socialist Action e-mail tro. USFI   f. 1983 as split from SWP
Socialist Alternative   Justice e-mail tro. CWI   f. 1986 as Labor Militant, active in Labor Party
Socialist Equality Party, other page SEP   e-mail tro. ICFI   f. 1966 as Workers League
Socialist Organizer   The Organizer e-mail tro. SIQI   active in Labor Party
Socialist Workers Organization SWO Socialist Viewpoint e-mail tro.     f. 2001 as split from Socialist Action
Socialist Workers' Party SWP The Militant e-mail tro. SWP   f. 1937, led by Jack Barnes
Solidarity   Against the Current e-mail tro.     f. 1986
Spartacist League of the U.S.   Workers Vanguard e-mail tro. ICL   f. 1966 as split from SWP, led by James M. Robertson
The Spark   The Spark e-mail tro. UCI   f. 1971
Trotskyist Labor League   The Toiler e-mail tro. ITLT   f. 2003 as split from WIL, led by Sidney Martinez
Trotskyist Unity Organization     e-mail tro.     f. 2003 as split from RWP(T-P), led by Joey Refallo
Truth   Truth e-mail tro. ex-UIT, ex-Mov   called Socialism! until 2001
Workers Action   Workers Action e-mail tro. CRFI   f. 2003
Workers Democracy Network   Workers Democracy   tro.      
Workers International League youth organization WIL Socialist Appeal, New Youth e-mail tro. CMI   called Socialist Labor until 2001
Unity Organizing Committee unofficial   Unity e-mail Asian-American     f. 1991 as split from League of Revolutionary Struggle
African People's Socialist Party auxiliary organization APSP The Burning Spear e-mail black rad. left. nat.     f. 1972, led by Omali Yeshitali
All-African People's Revolutionary Party local group AAPRP   e-mail black left. nat.     f. 1972
Black Radical Congress BRC     black rad. left. nat.     f. 1998
December 12th Movement   Arm the Masses e-mail black rad. left. nat.     led by Omowale Clay
National Black United Front NBUF Frontpage e-mail black left. nat.     f. 1980, alliance
Barrio Union (Unión del Barrio)   La Verdad e-mail chicano left. nat.     f. 1981
United People National Party (Partido Nacional La Raza Unida)   El Sembrador e-mail Chicano left. nat.     f. 1970
American Indian Movement - Grand Governing Council AIM-GGC     indian nat.     f. 1993 as split from other AIM, led by Vernon Bellecourt
American Indian Movement - International Federation of Autonomous Chapters AIM-IFAC   e-mail indian left. nat.     f. 1968, led by Russell Means
source: Leftist Parties of the World